Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paper Crafting

Was at my mom's house a couple of days ago, and she showed me an ornament she'd recently been taught how to make out of two fabrics fused together, cut into strips, woven, and hot glued.  After examining her ornament, I thought why not scale the ornament down and make it out of double sided designer paper.  Yes, it works just as nicely out of paper!  These little gems can be used on a tree or as an extra touch on a present.  I'm hooked!  I made about a dozen last evening.  The picture is of 6 of them.

They are fun to make, and a good way to use up extra bits of paper!  These still need the cording attached to the tops to hang them, and I might glue the insides together and add a gem to the middle on each side.  So many possibilities!


  1. These look great! You should do a tutorial :)

  2. Wowie Tress! These are Fabulous!! Yes, Yes, I agree with Dawn! You should do a tutorial! 8-)


  3. Beautifully awesome......

  4. Beautiful paper ornaments!!
    Tammy x