Monday, July 16, 2012

Fairy Isabelle

As I've mentioned previously, I have an affinity for Fairies, and Isabelle from Kraftin Kimmie is a gem!  Don't you just love her flowing dress?!  I'd like to have a cocktail dress made like that, only a touch longer.  It would be flattering to any number of body shapes and especially for those of us with curves.  With such a feminine dress, I had to choose soft colors, hence the pink, blue, and cream.  I cut her out before I bought a good pair of scissors (if you are going to cut out your designs or paper piece, please invest in a decent pair of me, it makes a HUGE difference) so I had to replace her antennae.  I cut the stems off the blue flowers and used them as the replacement.


  1. this is so over the top cuteness! Love the colors and the fabulous fairy!

  2. So Dreamy and "DEE" - lightful......

  3. So soft and dreamy and I agree about that dress, I would take one too, LOL! And I think that your lack of good scissors prompted a pretty ingenious fix for her missing antennae. Really gorgeous card Tress! :)