Tuesday, July 10, 2012


How is everyone on this lovely Tuesday?  Life here in SW FL is back to normal after the all the hoopla of Tropical Storm Debby a few weeks ago.  At our home, hubby and I are attempting to keep from cluttering the house too much before company arrives next week.  It's a lot easier to clean up if you haven't let the little stuff pile up...especially the dinning room table which for some reason becomes the "catch all" for all the pieces of paper (not craft related) that find their way into our house...mail, magazines, newspapers, training materials, etc.  Hopefully we can keep the surface clutter free for the next few weeks!

Patience is the name of today's image from Mo's Digital Pencil.  This image reminds me so much of my daughter when she was that age.  Lauren LOVES critters!  For those of you old enough to remember the Beverly Hillbillies, Lauren is a lot like Ellie Mae Clampett (minus the funky country clothes, hairdo, and speech).  No critter was too large, small, furry, scaly, dangerous, etc....sometime I'll tell you the black widow story...talk about giving a mom a heart attack...whew.  Anyway, the card came together pretty quickly, and I've left space for a sentiment at the bottom once I decide who to send the card to and for what occasion. 


  1. This is so pretty. Love your coloring and the papers are yummy.

  2. So cute - fabulous colouring on that sweet image :)