Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Not So Cute Witch and the Trouble She Caused

Today's card is actually one I made last year and gave to our dear next door neighbor.  I have to share the pitiful story with you.  Ralph is an elderly gentleman, 90+, a total sweetheart, who on his morning walk on Mondays returns my garbage container to the side of my house if DH or I haven't yet put it away.  He also reads his newspaper, folds and re-bags it, and places it on our doorstep each morning.  He's the type of man who'd give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed or wanted it.  While I was power washing our sidewalk, I decided to wash his as well as a little thank you for all of the nice things he does for us.  What does the man do?  He brings me out a straw hat (says I'm too fair to be out in the sun without a hat), a gallon of iced tea (says I need to stay hydrated), and a bag of toffee candy (says I need the energy).  I tried to refuse these gifts to no avail.  Anyway, I made this card (which btw I really, really liked) and sent it to him.  I was horrified when I later found out through a mutual friend that he had asked why I was angry with him.  What?!?  Angry with him?!?  I couldn't understand why he would think such a thing.  Apparently he didn't see the humor in the witch and her saying.  I had to apologize profusely and assure him that in NO way was I angry or upset with him.  Lesson learned.  This year he's getting a VERY CUTE and SWEET Halloween image on his card!

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  1. OMGosh, he thought you were angry with him? Yikes! I think this is a fabulous card, love the witch and the saying. So cute.