Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Santa!

Coloring Santa's cheeks makes me smile!  Such an iconic image with a wealth of happy memories attached to it!  My parents always made the holidays joyously festive, and I tried to do the same with my children as they were growing up.  Today our Christmas is a bit different (as it must be as little ones grow up and traditions evolve and change), but I still get giddy when I see a Santa.  Hubby doesn't get giddy, and he isn't exactly enamored of the whole holiday extravaganza; however, he does have a collection of Tropical Santas that are proudly displayed all year long in our living and dining rooms.  He tries to be a "bah humbug" guy in front of his friends, but he's really a big kid at heart (aren't they all).  This card reminds me of Christmas past and the joy of Santa.

 Very busy today prepping for tomorrow's big feast!


  1. Waht a great layout Tress with that super Santa! Love the papers and snowflakes!

  2. Of the two of you, I would think you were the most kid like, lol. Love this Santa and the great card design. Hope you have a Fabulous Thanksgiving and then WHOOOO HOOOOO we get to be kids for a month together! I love Christmas, still beleave in Santa Clause and Miracles.