Monday, June 18, 2012

Christmas Card

It's difficult to think of Christmas when the temperatures outside are in the 80's and 90's, but since "hot and humid" is the norm here in SW Florida, I suppose it could be Christmas any time of year.  This little Snowflake Fairy, Neva, is one of Amy Young's Sweet November images available at All That Scraps.  She is my favorite of the myriad Amy has released!  Her face and body pose are so endearingly sweet.  She tugs at my heart and brings a smile to my face each time I look at her.  Have you ever marveled at the stillness and beauty of a chilly winter's night when the newly fallen snow is sparkling under a full moon?  Neva evokes memories of just such nights.   In an attempt to capture the essence of those nights, I colored her unitard in dark blue and used dark blue card stock which I embossed as a background.  And of course I couldn't forget the sparkles!   Her skirt and  snowflakes are covered with silver glitter, and gems were added to the points on her skirt and the centers of the snowflakes as well as scattered over the background.  I flocked her cuffs and sleeve caps. Ribbons of blue edged with silver and white tied in a bow finished off the card.
One Christmas card done,  many more to make!

Speaking of Amy, for those of you that may or may not know, she's a very sweet lady with a wealth of talent whose mother is currently ill.  Please keep her and her mother in your thoughts and prayers!  If you want to read more about Amy and see her fabulous creations please go to her blog, A Thousand Sheets of Paper.  


  1. Adorable and well done you for getting started on those Xmas cards :)

  2. sparkling with "DEE"lightful comments....beautiful work

  3. This card is such an elegant beauty. Neva looks absolutely magical with all of the sparkle and texture that you added to her and the embossed background is great!
    Thanks for keeping Mom and me in your thoughts. :)