Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Have I mentioned it is HOT here in SW Florida?  With that thought in mind this card was born.  The image, Step On It, by Birdie Brown has a scale under her feet, but I couldn't resist trimming off the scale and putting her on a beach.  This image reminds me of all the first timers to the Gulf beaches.  Poor souls!  They have no idea how hot the sand can get.  You can see them tippy toeing quickly back to their towels or shoes with pained expressions on their faces.  I'll be sending this card to a friend up North, with the sentiment, "Wish you were here!"


  1. very cute :) And I know what you mean about the sand - we got caught out when we stayed in Sarasota!!

    1. Lol, sorry you were one of those with the seared toes. But I have to admit, I've gotten caught myself once or twice. Sarasota is right up the road from us. Isn't it a fabulous city? And my husband and I love the beaches so much, we were married on Lido Beach.

  2. Ha ha! This is great idea! Love the bright colors on this card, and you colored the image beautifully. Thank you for sharing. I'll showcase your card on my blog later.:)

  3. Really clever alteration of that fun image, she totally looks like she is feeling the heat! And your coloring is top notch too! :)