Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hippie Love

When Michael's craft store has a sale on paper, I like to pick up a few odds and ends that I think might make for an interesting card or scrapbook page background.  On one of these trips I spied this rad 60's paper with the peace signs, VW van, and funky flowers.  Remembering that Saturated Canary had this adorable little girl, Hippie Love, I had to buy the paper and pair the two.  Rather than make a card, I'm going to use the image and paper for a scrapbook layout about my early childhood.  Now before you get the wrong impression, no, my parents were not Hippies.  In fact, as a military officer and wife, my parents were definitely not free spirits, lol.  However, while we were living in California my mom did try a few of the fads of the time....owl decor and macramé just to name a couple.  But the worst of the bunch was the wheat germ craze.  I'm sorry, Mom, but the words wheat germ and chocolate shake should never be mentioned in the same sentence!  Yuck!  And the same goes for chocolate chip cookies!  For years afterwards we were scared to eat mom's cookies.  There is a reason the Toll House Cookie recipe is a classic, and you don't mess with a classic.  The only modifications allowed are nuts (although one of my sisters would totally disagree with me here), and substituting margarine for part of the butter to make a softer cookie.  Despite the experimentation with our food, lol, the 60's were a wonderful decade. 


  1. Amen. So true. Debbie

  2. giggle!! love will make the foundation for a great scrap page!!


  3. Those were some days,happy memories..."DEE"-lighful

  4. Isn't it fun when you find that perfect paper for an image? I totally know all about that, LOL! Your coloring of this sweet hippie is amazing Tress, you really brought her to life!
    Oh and no nuts added to my chocolate chip cookies please... ;)