Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fairy Simple Card

I have a particular affinity for fairies that I share or maybe inherited from my mother.  Both she and I collect and display fairy artwork of various mediums throughout our homes (both hubbies tolerate our Fae affliction, lol).  Today's card showcases one of Sylvia Zet's sweet wee ones, Silver Fairy.  Green is my favorite and go to color, so she had to be wearing green.  I played with several patterned papers before deciding on this softly muted one.  It was a scrap so I have no clue what line it came from, but it gave the card the vibe I was looking for.  Added a light and dark ribbon, some white and green flowers, and a few leaves and this card was complete.  Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. That's gorgeous! She's very sweet and looks so lovely in green :)

  2. Makes my wings flutter...."DEE"-lightful

  3. Such a beautiful card, she looks like she is a wee one straight from the Emerald Isle! Fab coloring as always my friend!